Artist begins ‘vaginal knitting’ the sexist comments she receives online

She’s doing what? Artist begins ‘vaginal knitting’ the sexist comments she receives online from people abusing her for creating works using wool inserted into her private parts

A performance artist is hitting back at thousands of people who send her negative and abusive comments online by knitting their words using wool she inserts in her vagina.

Melbourne-based Casey Jenkins, 36, became a target for online trolls – who called ‘gross’ and an ‘attention w***e’ – after she debuted a performance in 2013 where she knitted wool from her vagina over 28 days.

For her latest performance, ‘Programmed to Reproduce’, Ms Jenkins will again use her unusual method to knit each comment and discuss social shaming.


Ms Jenkins (pictured) said the most hateful comments were surprisingly from women

‘The piece for me is about assessing and being intimate with my own body,’ Ms Jenkins said during an interview in a previous interview.

‘I think the expectation when you’re showing the vulva is that people are going to feel fear and revulsion.’

‘So by linking the vulva to something that people find warm and fuzzy and benign and even boring, such as knitting for a long period of time, I hope that people question their fears and the negative association with it,’ she said.

Ms Jenkin’s ‘Programmed to Reproduce‘ will be on display at the Arts House in North Melbourne Town Hall from March 2 to March 11.




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