Videos Balancing act! Father spends 18 months teaching his baby daughter to defy...

Balancing act! Father spends 18 months teaching his baby daughter to defy gravity by standing on his hands… and the results are amazing


A California father has turned parenthood into a balancing act – literally.

Kevin Russell, of Los Gatos, California, has taught his baby daughter how to stand up straight on his hands for the past year and a half.

The proud father shared a video of their father-daughter duo last week on YouTube and has wowed thousands of viewers with the results of their efforts. The clip has been viewed more than 45,000 times.

Russell and his daughter can be seen during dozens of training sessions, as months go by and the baby grows into a little girl.

Daddy-daughter duo show incredible balancing skills

The clip features one of their earlier training sessions, with Russell trying to teach his daughter to stand with both feet on his torso, then attempting to get her to find her balance with just one foot on top of one of his hands.

Months of training seems to have paid off, as the video opens with the little girl proudly standing with both feet on Russell’s right hand, beaming at the camera.

At one point, the baby girl even extends her arms as if to show off her trick even better.

Then, Russell gently launches her into his other hand, and the little girl impressively manages to retain her balance.

She opens her mouth briefly as if she were amazed by her own prowess before continuing to stand as if nothing had changed.

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