Bitter Woman Tries To Get Raped Via Craigslist So She Could Frame Fiance’s Ex


If you thought the drama between you and your boyfriend’s ex was fierce, then you clearly haven’t read about Angela Diaz and Michelle Hadley yet (brace yourselves). I’ll try to make this as clear as possible: Michelle Hadley, 30, was engaged to an unnamed US Marshal from 2013-2015. They broke up in August 2015 after getting engaged in a “whirlwind romance,” reports.

Angela Diaz, 31, married the same US Marshal in February 2016 after meeting him on an online dating website. This is where things went haywire. It’s been reported Diaz is accused of posing as Hadley by sending herself multiple disturbing emails which included threats toward Diaz’s unborn child (she was faking that pregnancy), photos of decapitated bodies and aborted fetuses.

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