Hot Videos Bizarre moment Chinese man rolls around in the street NAKED

Bizarre moment Chinese man rolls around in the street NAKED


Bizarre moment Chinese man rolls around in the street NAKED after his romantic advances got rejected

Some people take rejection fairly well, but others really go to extremes, as one Chinese man proved.

A young man was seen rolling around naked in the street yesterday in Jinan city, east China, after his romantic advances were declined, the People’s Daily Online reports. 

The man, who remains unidentified, was reportedly a fourth-year university student and he confessed his love to a female teacher on the Valentine’s Day. 

Student rolls around naked after he was rejected by teacher

According to reports, the man was seen lying on the floor shrieking for around half an hour

According to reports, the incident took place on Wangguanzhuang Road in Jinan’s Qinghe County.

The fourth year university student was flimed lying in the road for over half an hour while shrieking.

In the video, flowers can be seen scattered on the floor as the man lies there without any clothes. 

A small crowd gather around to watch the student who is clearly distressed. 

Police arrived shortly after and persuaded the man to leave the scene.

The bizarre footage has gained much attention online. 

Some internet users have accused the man of being childlike on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. 

User ‘Li Xian’ wrote: ‘Nobody will accept a man like that. He’s like a one-year-old who couldn’t get his toy’. 

While ‘Zhan Ying Tu Ji’ said: ‘My son is also a fourth-grade student… in his kindergarten. But he is still more mature than that man.’

While other people online said the teacher was smart to reject the man’s advances. 

User ‘Jia Jia’ wrote: ‘The teacher is smart to reject.’