Insolito Brazilian drug trafficker attempts prison break wearing a mask

Brazilian drug trafficker attempts prison break wearing a mask


A drug trafficker serving 36 years behind bars tried to escape from prison wearing a mask, a wig and a dress to disguise himself as an old woman.

Clodoaldo Antonio Felipe, 44, wore the creepy mask, which has been likened to those used in big budget Hollywood movies, to try and break out of Coronel Odenir Guimaraes Prison in central Brazil.

His plan was foiled when guards noticed an elderly woman leaving the jail who they did not remember letting in.

The confused guards also noticed the pensioner was far taller than the average woman and were curious as to how she got into the jail without any identification.

Female prison guards searched Felipe and discovered his true identity.

An investigation is underway to find out how the prisoner acquired women’s clothes and the realistic mask, which is the type used in movies and is worth more than £800. 

Prison officials say the mask was a’ professional Hollywood-standard creation’. –MORE

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Convicted: Clodoaldo Antonio Felipe, who is part of the Comando Vermelho criminal organisation, the largest drug distribution network in Brazil, was jailed in 2009

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