The woman who crushes watermelons with her THIGHS

The woman who crushes watermelons with her THIGHS... and jokes her fearsome strength scared off pro-rape creep 'Roosh the Douche' from Australia She was Australia's first female arm wrestling champion, but Kortney Olson's strength extends beyond her bulging biceps. The Gold Coast fitness guru has shared a video of herself crushing a whole watermelon with her bare thighs in an incredible...

He just can’t help himself!

He just can't help himself! Cute toddler loves Gangnam Style so much he even starts dancing in his SLEEP when his parents play it Many people like to wake up with the radio or some calming music, but one American toddler prefers to greet the day with a boogie to Gangnam Style. Super cute Parker Shaw loves Psy's megahit so much...

Woman Pulls Over Cop for Speeding, Gets Apology

If a police car speeds by, most people wouldn't bat an eye. But one woman decided to uphold the law to chase down and pull over a police officer who she said was driving "recklessly" on the road. Claudia Castillo, of Miami, recorded the encounter she had with a police officer who she said was speeding, without using lights or...

Why you can’t shoot a gun underwater

Why you can’t shoot a gun underwater: Watch researcher fire weapon at HIMSELF in terrifying physics experiment A physicist pulled the trigger of a gun on himself and lived to tell about it - all in the name of TV. Andreas Wahl wanted to see what happens when a gun is shot off underwater and used himself as the test subject. Although...

How English sounds to non-English speakers


Joven da diez razones para tener sexo con perros.

Por qué las chicas deberían intentarlo”, dice la descripción del video. Un video publicado en Septiembre ha empezado a tomar gran fuerza en YouTube. No es claro si la chica está bromeando cuando describe las “10 razones por las cuales las chicas deberían tener sexo con perros”, pero ciertamente esperamos que así sea. El modo en que la chica habla...

Gianna Isabella hija de Brenda K. Starr – Audition – AMERICAN IDOL


Transgender spends £52,000 to have ‘the perfect female body’

Transgender surgery addict spends £52,000 on four boob jobs, two rounds of lipo and 150 face fillers to have 'the perfect female body' - and says her wife is standing by her  A transgender woman from Italy who hid her desire to change sex for 40 years says she's spent £52,000 trying to achieve the perfect female body since coming...