Channel Nine newsreader Amber Sherlock has epic diva meltdown over a presenter wearing the same color DRESS as her

Newsreaders are usually all smiles when they’re on air, but it seems they’re not always the best of friends once the cameras are switched off – as this outrageous video reveals.

The extraordinary footage taken in a 9 News studio shows newsreader Amber Sherlock having an epic meltdown after realising she, a fellow journalist and her guest were all wearing white.

She descended into rage after spotting 9 News presenter Julie Snook and psychologist Sandy Rea sporting similar dresses to her moments before going live on Wednesday.

Directing her anger at her colleague, Ms Sherlock demanded Ms Snook put on a different coloured jacket, creating an extremely awkward situation for their guest.

Her fellow 9 News reporter apologised and said she had been ‘flat out’ and had not had time to switch into a different colour.

But a furious Ms Sherlock had no time for her apology and continued to demand she get changed before going live.

Psychologist Ms Rea, who by this point looked very uncomfortable, offered to find a jacket herself, as she was wearing white too.

Via DailyMail


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