Conjoined twins who share a single body with two heads pictured in the hands of medics moments after being born

This incredible footage shows a baby with two heads wailing in the hands of medics shortly after being born.

Sharing a single body and fitted with tubes, the clip of the newborns was posted on social media by surprised relatives towards the end of last week.

Born in Mexico, it is not known if the unidentified parents knew beforehand that they would be born with the deformity. 

While it appears that they share all of their major internal organs, but have their own heads and brains.

But health officials have refused to go into detail about the rare case, instead just confirming that the mother is in a stable condition.

Doctors in the city of Ciudad Juarez are now said to be looking at a ‘plan going forward’ for the babies.

Siamese twins, or conjoined twins as they are known to medics, occur in about one in 100,000 pregnancies.

Via DailyMail


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