News Decomposed body of woman, 64, who vanished 18 months ago is found...

Decomposed body of woman, 64, who vanished 18 months ago is found in the clutter-ridden kitchen of the $1.2million mansion she shared with her ‘recluse’ sister



A woman who vanished a year and half ago has been found dead amid heavy clutter in a $1.2 million home near Boston where she lived with her sister.

A visiting cousin found the significantly decomposed body of 67-year-old Hope Wheaton in the kitchen of her Brookline, Massachusetts, home last month, according to the Boston Globe.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office suggested she could have died in the summer of 2015 – meaning her sister likely lived with the body for more than 18 months.

Officials say her body showed no clear signs of trauma or foul play. The medical examiner hasn’t released a cause of death.

Wheaton’s 74-year-old sister, Lynda Waldman hasn’t been charged.

Officials wouldn’t say why Waldman didn’t call police when her sister died.

Neighbor, Harriet Allen, told the Globe that she ‘always asked’ Waldman about the whereabouts of her sister Wheaton. But, she said, ‘she would ignore it’.

Allen said the sisters ‘never came out’ of their house. ‘They were recluses,’ she said, adding that neither of them were married.

She told the Globe that Wheaton was ‘bright and alert and fun’.

Waldman is ‘a very bright woman, very well-read, very up on the politics of the day, to this day,’ she added.

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