Hot Videos High school basketball player ‘levitating’ during the game

High school basketball player ‘levitating’ during the game


Now that’s a jump shot: High school basketball player becomes an internet star after picture captures him ‘levitating’ during the game

317784870000057Walker Stillman sure knows how to make a hoop jump look effortless.

So much so, that a picture of the Illinois high school basketball player going up for a rebound has the internet abuzz with talk that Stillman is ‘levitating’.

The photo, taken by longtime local photographer Liz Brunson during a recent playoff against Danville, shows the Champaign Central High School freshmen appearing to float by the ring as a teammate tries to shoot.

The shot was quickly shared on social media at the weekend and made the 5-foot-11 guard the latest viral star, referred to as everything from ‘Float Boy’ to ‘Jesus’.