Lesbians touch a penis for the very first time

‘It feels like a turkey neck!’ Lesbians touch a penis for the very first time in brilliant video which sees them compare it to everything from ‘warm Play-Doh’ – to ‘an old hotdog’

Most men would be horrified at the thought of a woman giggling while she touched his penis – but one man was happy to volunteer for the job in a new video, and actually smiled right along with the three ladies who couldn’t keep their laughter under control as they fondled him.

That’s probably because there was nothing inherently sexual about the experiment, which saw three lesbians who’d never touched male genitalia before doing so for the first time. And to make matters all the more awkward, the build-up – were caught on camera for a funny new video shared by the lesbian singing duo BriaAndChrissy

Fuente: youtube.com – dailymail.co.uk



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