Uncategorized Manhattan couple hasn’t paid rent on their $4,754-per-month apartment in almost SEVEN...

Manhattan couple hasn’t paid rent on their $4,754-per-month apartment in almost SEVEN years citing little-known ‘Loft law’



A couple living in notoriously expensive Manhattan haven’t worried about paying the rent on time for the past seven years – because they haven’t been paying it at all.

Digital content producers Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse have lived for free in their $4,754.02-per-month flat on West 26th Street since 2010.

Back then, there were other residential units in the nine-story building, but now there are only businesses and art galleries.

Now, their landlord says it’s time to pay out the $410,000 they owe or get out.

But they insist they are in their right to stay put, because of little-known legislation called ‘Loft law’.

Landlord 513 West 26th Realty LLC filed the case in Manhattan Supreme Court saying the couple owes 80 months in rent and electric charges.

The New York Post reports the two live in Chelsea with their two children. Though the building is not up to code, their lawyer Margaret Sandercock claims: ‘They’re entitled to be there.’

Bennett and Nourse don’t think they should have to pay because of Loft Law. Loft Law is designed to protect people living illegally in commercial or factory buildings.

The law was created to bring these buildings up to fire codes and to give rights and rent protection to the tenants.
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