Insolito Mini Me-hadi: The three-foot tall jihadi who is hardly bigger than his...

Mini Me-hadi: The three-foot tall jihadi who is hardly bigger than his Kalashnikov and is nicknamed ‘Al-Chihuahua’


He is barely taller than his machine gun and has already earned the nickname ‘Al-Chihuahua’.

But that hasn’t stopped this three-foot-tall dwarf joining the terror war in Syria, it seems.

The mini jihadi is understood to have enlisted with the Al Qaeda-linked group Jabhat Al-Nusra which is fighting the Assad regime and the Islamic State.


Pictures posted online show him standing with his Kalashnikov assault rifle in camouflage uniform and an ammunition belt next to a pick-up truck that towers over him.

In another, he poses in sunglasses while brandishing the weapon in one hand.

The images were shared on Twitter by Leith Abou Fadel, editor-in-Chief of the English-language Arabic news website Al-Masdar News, who nicknamed him ‘Abu Ahmad Al-Chihuahua’.

Footage posted on YouTube in 2011 claimed to show a dwarf who was fighting for the Taliban (above)

Jabhat Al-Nusra is part of a powerful rebel alliance called the Army of Conquest which controls Idlib province in Syria and has been fighting regime forces for several years.

Today, it was revealed by MailOnline that a figurehead who has starred in two propaganda videos posted online under the nom de guerre Abu Basir al-Britani is the son of a British film director.

Lucas Kinney, 26, is the first white British convert to emerge in Syria.

As a Home Counties schoolboy, he took holy communion at a Roman Catholic church and attended Catholic primary and secondary schools.

As a teenager, he even spoke of being a priest.

His father Patrick, 59, worked closely with Steven Spielberg on films including Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade and was assistant director on a long series of blockbusters.

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