Insolito Mutant piglet born with a ‘penis’ on its head

Mutant piglet born with a ‘penis’ on its head


The pig that will put you off sausages for life: Mutant piglet born with a ‘penis’ on its head

Baffling footage has emerged online showing a ‘mutant piglet’ with a human like face and a penis on its forehead.  In the bizarre video, that has been shared widely on Chinese social media, a yawning pig like creature is held aloft by a man.  The animal can be seen grasping for breath and looks in a distressed state throughout the clip.  Mutant pig mystery: Pig born with bizarre features

The man in the video proceeds to squeeze some skin, that is in the same mold as a penis, protruding from the pig’s forehead.  Many on social media have begun speculating on the causes of the pig’s deformities although it still remains unknown when and where the video originated. Some say the problems were caused by environmental pollution.  ‘Pigs got deformation, while human beings got cancer,’ said a user of the China’s My Drivers webpage.  Another said the animal is ‘living proof of pig reincarnation.’