News: Chinese High-Beam Violators Can Get Headlights Shined In Their Eyes


When you’re driving in the United States and there’s an oncoming car with its high-beams on, the most you can do is flash your high-beams at it in retaliation. If caught, sometimes the offender gets a ticket. Apparently, in China, more punishment could be involved.

 The Shenzhen traffic police uploaded photos to its official Weibo account, depicting high-beam offenders sitting directly in front of a car with its headlights on, reports the BBC. Via a bad Google translate, the post reads, “Tonight remediation indiscriminate high beam, found sitting this ‘green chair’ good experience a minute!”
The BBC cites official media to say that drivers are fined 300 yuan (approximately $44) and then have the option of spending a minute in front of a set of headlights. Chinese news outlet Guangzhou Daily affirms that it is voluntary rather than mandatory. Why anyone would willing subject themselves to this is anyone’s guess.

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