NEWS: Post-It Notes At 14th St. Subway Stop To Find Ease After Trump’s Win


This therapy session for crushed Clinton supporters only costs $2.75.

By offering Post-it notes, pens and a desk, subway therapist Matthew Chavez — Levee to his clients — turned the wall of a 14th St. station pathway into a sounding board for the dejected to express the anger, confusion and hopes for the future they’ve felt since they heard the words, “President-elect Trump.”

At least 1,500 commuters on Wednesday stopped to jot messages on Post-it notes carrying messages that range from reassuring (“We will be okay”) to raging (“Screw you, James Comey”) and shock (“WHY”).

One Post-it urged fathers to “apologize to your daughters.”

Chavez, who’s been listening to commuters kvetch at train stations for about six months, said many people wrote uplifting messages, despite the somber mood of the city.

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