News: Single parents would face tax increase under Trump’s plan


President-elect Donald Trump promised a large middle class tax cut as part of his presidential campaign platform, but for almost 8 million families, that tax cut may never happen.

In fact, they could end up paying more.

An analysis by nonpartisan organization Tax Policy Center found that a majority of single-parent households along with most married couples with three or more children will end up paying higher taxes under Trump’s plan.

Tax Policy Center fellows estimate that roughly 7.9 million families with children will pay higher taxes once Trump takes office. About 5.8 million of those who will be affected are single-parent households, and 2.1 million are married couples.

These tax hikes would be a result of Trump’s plan to eliminate personal exemption and head-of-household filing status. Previously, these tax code features allowed many Americans to reduce their taxable income.

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