News: US Government Spent $5.7 Billion On World Ending Pyramid Shelter…Why?


In rural North Dakota, a small county and an insular religious sect are caught in a stand-off over a decaying piece of America’s atomic history. The long shadow cast by nuclear weapons and the Cold War is not as far in the past as we might like to think…

Should you find yourself with time on your hands, you might board a plane in New York, fly five hours to Fargo, rent a car and drive 280 miles to Nekoma, North Dakota (population 49), where you will a venue that is hard to believe exist.
According to various people on the Internet, the Pyramid on the Prairie was built by the Illuminati. It was modeled on an ancient Mayan burial temple. The government ran top-secret human experiments inside it. It was the property of a pacifist religious sect who bought it for a large sum of money.Only the last is true and not completely. The Pyramid is part of the Stanley R Mickelsen Safeguard Complex, a long decommissioned military base in the middle of practically nowhere. Once armed with dozens of nuclear warheads, it’s been sitting abandoned for 40 years, now a place of interest mainly to Cold War tourists, urban explorers and conspiracy theorists.



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