Noticia: Trump Offered NJ Governor, Chris Christie, the VP Candidacy but had to Decline


Donald Trump is running his last licks as a Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party. As we know now, his VP running mate is Mike Pence; But did you know he offered the VP position to NJ Governor, Chris Christie.

“Trump cares about who’s the most loyal and who kisses his a– the most, not who’s the most qualified and what’s the best political decision,” – Anonymous Trump Political Advisor

Picturing a Trump/Christie candidacy is just full of nightmares, but a nightmare is just starting for Christie. The reason why he declined the position is because of the massive Bridge gate scandal with the George Washington Bridge. The scandal involves the Christie and his camp punishing the Mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Chris Christie when he ran for re-election as NJ Governor. It seems like to me that Christie just can’t stop feeding himself bullsh*t and proves every single day why he is not applicable for any political position.

– @TheRealOneDay




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