Insolito ‘Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it’: The $219 ‘vagina’...

‘Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it’: The $219 ‘vagina’ dress with a confronting design that is taking the Internet by storm


He is one of Australia’s most influential designers, and if his Sahara Beaded maxi dress is to go by, the vagina is the new black.

A Wayne by Wayne Cooper dress has taken social media by storm as women point out the ‘Sahara Print’ maxi dress has a print that resembles female genitalia.

Mothering website School Mum posted a photo of its founder Sam wearing the dress on Facebook, prompting an enormous reaction from amused followers.


But is is the diamond shaped red, orange and pink design that has caused imaginations to run wild.

‘My husband is calling it dance of the 7 vaginas,’ School Mum wrote on Facebook.

‘Is that a vagina on your dress or are you just happy to see me?,’ said another social media user.

‘Wonder if the Myer staff get a kick out of their customers laughter?’ wrote another woman, as she held the dress up against her body in store.