Articulitos Real life “Benjamin Button” children found in India

Real life “Benjamin Button” children found in India


JHARKHAND, India –Two siblings who are living in India suffer a rare skin condition which makes them look decades older; as if they’re the real-life impersonation of the movie character“Benjamin Button.”

An article by Natalie Evans for The Mirrorpublished on February 3 said that 7-year-old Anjali Kumari and her younger brother 18- month-old Keshav Kumar are looking old as compared to their age; both of them with wrinkled skin and swollen faces.

Reports said the children, who are from Ranchi, Jharkhand, are both suffering from a rare form of Progeria; a genetic disorder which causes the body to age at a much faster rate than how normal humans do.


Charnamrit Sachdeva for Mail Onlinepublished on February 3. “I have a swollen face while the rest of the world looks normal. People always stare at me and pass bad comments,” she added.

The young girl said she is being teased by people and calls her grandmother, old lady and monkey. Their parents are desperately hoping for a cure to their condition but doctors in India


had told them a possible cure might be available only abroad. “We dream there is a cure for my children,”said the father, who only works as a laundry man.

“People in our community call them ‘old’ and it’s heartbreaking. We’ve tried to get help from our local doctors but they have told us our only hope is from overseas,” the father added.