Insolito Woman jumps out of a burning third-floor

Woman jumps out of a burning third-floor


Terrifying moment woman jumps out of a burning third-floor Spanish apartment wearing just her underwear… and SURVIVES after she is caught in sheets by a crowd below

This is the incredible moment a woman dressed only in her underwear chose to jump from the third floor of a burning building. Miraculously, she survived, even though a sheet held in the street below by horrified neighbours ripped on impact.

The unbelievable escape happened in the town of Cedeira in Galicia, Spain.

A fire broke out in an electrical panel and although the flames were confined to the entrance, huge plumes of thick choking smoke quickly filled the apartment block at 10am on Saturday morning. The 47-year-old woman had found herself trapped inside because of the fumes.  At one stage, she tried to get out but was forced back into her apartment where she closed the doors and climbed out of the window.

Her boyfriend had gone out for a walk with the dogs while she stayed in bed and returned to find the chaotic scene and his girlfriend hanging by her fingertips.

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