Insolito Woman Pulls Over Cop for Speeding, Gets Apology

Woman Pulls Over Cop for Speeding, Gets Apology


If a police car speeds by, most people wouldn’t bat an eye. But one woman decided to uphold the law to chase down and pull over a police officer who she said was driving “recklessly” on the road.

Claudia Castillo, of Miami, recorded the encounter she had with a police officer who she said was speeding, without using lights or sirens, on the Dolphin Expressway in Florida. While the date that the incident occurred is unclear, the video was posted on Jan. 29.

In the video, she narrates her effort to track down this officer and get him to pull over. She explains how the officer was “going about 100 miles an hour,” because she could not catch up to him while she “pushed the limit” and was going 80 mph. The maximum speed limit on the Dolphin Expressway is 70 mph.

Castillo recorded the take-down in three different parts. In the first video, she explains how she started to follow the officer on Miller Drive where he first sped onto the Palmetto Expressway. Her face is never seen in the video, but she does state that her phone was fixed to something in the car while she was driving.

She honked and flashed her lights, trying to get the officer to pull over. Even as the officer kept driving on, Castillo was persistent and continued to film another video to make sure this officer knew that “nobody’s above the law.”

She was following the officer for at least 3 minutes, and even before she started recording as she stated in the video, and was finally able to pull him over at the end of an exit ramp off the expressway. –MORE