Insolito You won’t believe what comes out of this man’s belly button!

You won’t believe what comes out of this man’s belly button!


This is the revolting moment a man has a black rock-like growth dragged from his belly button. He is seen lying on his back with what appears to be a small stone buried deep in his navel, which he wants to remove.

The clip begins showing his partner struggling to pinch the nodule with a pair of tweezers. She pulls and pulls at the stone, but it slips out of her grasp. ‘It’s not coming,’ she exclaims as she tries to get a hold of the growth.

Eventually, after much tugging, she manages to prize the grotesque mass away from his stomach. Witness the removal of grotesque ‘navel stone’ from patient

‘Oh my God that is so freaking disgusting, what is that?,’ she says. She twirls the growth, which looks like a grey shard of flint, in front of the camera.

Then, she lays it out on her partner’s stomach, revealing it looks like a black stone with a sharp white tip. ‘Is there anything else in there?,’ she says, inspecting the reddened hole.

The 50-second film ends after she finds nothing else in the crevice. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Heather Price


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