Brooklyn woman gave no hints of trouble or enemies before found dismembered in park; family demands answers from NYPD

If Brandy Odom was in trouble, she never told anyone about it.

The 26-year-old woman didn’t mention anything to her aunt, Robin Fields, when she texted on March 8 with the news she would be starting cosmetology school soon.

She didn’t say a word four days later to one of her best friends, Dawnette Thomas, when Odom called to wish her a happy birthday.

In fact, things seemed to be looking up as Easter approached. Odom’s mother, Nicole, said she received a letter from the NYPD asking if her daughter still wanted to become a school safety agent.

“I told her, ‘I’m just so proud of you, good luck,’” Nicole, 45, quietly recalled on a recent Tuesday. “And she said, ‘Thank you, Mommy, I love you.’”

But her daughter never responded to the letter.

On April 9, Brandy Odom’s body was found hacked to pieces and scattered across Canarsie Park in Brooklyn. 

Since the gruesome discovery — as city officials push for a speedy investigation and the hashtag #JusticeForBrandy sprang up on social media — family and friends have gathered at the park several times to demand answers.

Police have yet to officially declare Odom’s death a homicide — although they are investigating it as one, officials said.

Detectives suspect Odom was killed somewhere else before her killer dismembered her and dumped her limbless torso in the forest, according to sources.

A serrated blade pulled from a garbage can about 50 feet from where Odom’s head and naked torso were found may have been used to cut her up.

In the hunt for Odom’s killer, cops hope to also find the answer to the most haunting question about her grotesque death: Why?



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