Big Cheese festival apologises for running out of cheese

But organisers of an event in Brighton are now offering refunds after running out of the smelly stuff.

They’ve been been hit with complaints on social media, with people calling it a “shambles” – with one simply saying “hmmm, was expecting more cheese”.

The weather is being blamed for some traders being unable to get to the site.

The Big Cheese Festival had promised “a plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheeses”.

But for some of those who paid £22 to get in, there simply weren’t enough of those mongers.

Others drew parallels with KFC’s recent problems when they ran out of chicken.

But the weather meant some artists and traders couldn’t get to the site on Hove Lawns.

“Sadly due to this, a few compromises had to be made and we are disappointed that a larger variety of cheese wasn’t available,” said the organisers.



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