A chainsaw, a breathalyser and some VERY rude cookie cutters: People are already listing their unwanted Christmas presents on eBay


We’ve all learned how to smile politely after opening an unwanted gift, while making a mental note to sell it on eBay at a later date – and the online auction site has certainly been flooded with listings in the past few days.
But some rather unusual items tagged as ‘unwanted Christmas gifts’, including a chainsaw, do raise questions about what was going through the mind of the original buyer.
From a bra made out of strips of PVC and laces to a breath alcohol tester, it’s fair to say that the recipients must have had a hard job pretending to look pleased with these unusual gifts.

One individual, was eager to get rid of a set of ‘cocky cookie cutters’ from Ann Summers, as the resulting phallic shaped biscuits could naturally only be served to a very limited audience.

Someone else also received the gift of PVC pants with a black frill from the lingerie chain, with a matching ‘bra’ that consisted of little more than a few strips of fabric with laces at the front where the cups should be.

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