Bad smell led prison officials to discover inmate, 58, who’d been dead for DAYS while his cellmate shooed people off

The smell of an inmate’s rotting body was what led prison officials to discover he was dead two days after he died and after his cell mate shooed people away from him.

James Acuna, 58, was discovered in his cell at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in Otay Mesa, California, on April 24, 2017. He was lying in his bunk and had the covers pulled over his head.

For two days, inmates had been complaining about a smell coming from the prison which they dismissed as a sewage problem.

Whenever anyone went near the cell, Acuna’s unnamed cellmate told them not go come closer, claiming he had a flu.

The cellmate is incarcerated for the murder of his father whose body was found under a mattress.

James Acuna was found dead in his bunk at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in Otay Mesa, California, (shown above) on April 24 two days after he died

The information has come to light in a newly released report obtained by The Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

The other inmate’s name was not released in a Department of Corrections report about Acuna’s death.

An autopsy found that he died of natural causes and that there was no trauma to his body.

Acuna was in custody on an unspecified felony. It is now known what his crime was or how long he had been in custody.

Authorities in California are being tight lipped about him and about his death.

They say they still do not know how guards did not realize sooner that he was dead, or how the cellmate was able to push everyone away so convincingly.

‘Our internal and administrative investigations are still ongoing and once they are concluded, we will hold staff accountable if any wrongdoing is found,’ spokeswoman, Vicky Waters said.

Other inmates said they last saw Acuna playing soccer two days beforehand.

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