Bullied woman with moles all over body enters Miss Universe

A young woman in Malaysia who was bullied for years about moles that cover her body is getting the ultimate revenge by flaunting her imperfections on the pageant stage.

Evita Delmundo, 20, entered the Miss Universe Malaysia competition, hoping she will be chosen to celebrate her uniqueness, according to Cosmopolitan.

When she was growing up, Delmundo said classmates bullied her, calling her a “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie” because of her large, hairy moles all over her body.

The bullying became so relentless that she went for a surgical consultation to have the moles removed. However, doctors warned her that the procedure was risky so she chose to keep them.

Delmundo admitted that the road to self acceptance did not happen over night. Now, years later, she has grown to accept her body through sharing selfies on Instagram with her nearly 44,000 followers.

She is waiting to hear from the Miss Universe Malaysia competition if she will advance to the next round.

“I’m just keeping my fingers crossed,” she told the Daily Mail. “If I don’t get through, there’s always another platform.”

Credit: NY Post

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