Canadian authorities investigating human poop falling from the sky

Susan Allen claims she was hit by human feces that came from a plane in Kelowna, British Columbia. Credit: ( 

Authorities are investigating a mysterious case of human feces falling from the sky that has hit several cars in a Canadian town.

British Columbia resident Susan Allen claims she and her son, Travis Sweet, were struck with feces while driving home with the sunroof open.

“We were inundated with poop,” Allen told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “You could feel drops falling from the sky — hitting our face, inside the car, all over the windshield.”

She believes a plane hovering over them dumped the substance on them.

 “I had it in my eyes, my hair,” Allen added. “There was so much poop.”

She and her son went to a nearby car wash to clean the mess, but the stench was unbearable.

“I just started crying. It was disgusting,” she told CBC. “My son threw up instantly. I was just gagging from the smell. It smelt horrific.”

Allen said she went to the doctor the next day and learned she had conjunctivitis in her eyes.

On May 12, a man’s car was also struck with feces while it was parked in his driveway, according to CTV News.

Transport Canada is investigating the alleged poop incidents. Kelowna International Airport said it determined one of three planes was flying during those times, according to the station.


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