The Moment a Man Performing the Kiki Challenge is Slapped to the Ground by a Passer-By

This is the shocking moment a brazen pedestrian slaps a man to the ground for doing the ‘Kiki challenge’.

The man wearing a flat cap seemed annoyed that the other man was attempting the dangerous challenge.

The passer-by screamed, in an American accent, ‘No! No! No!’ at the camera holder after felling the man dancing to rap-star Drake’s hit ‘In My Feelings’.

The Kiki craze has been heavily condemned by road safety charities and authorities as thousands of impressionable youngsters have copied celebrities by jumping out of a moving vehicles and dancing in the road.

Source: Daily Mail; “The Moment a Man Performing the Kiki Challenge is Slapped to the Ground by a Passer-By” by: Leigh McManus


Seal Slaps a Kayaker In The Face With a Gigantic Octopus

An unruly seal which shocked a kayaker by throwing an octopus in his face was trying to stun its prey before eating it, scientists have revealed.
The surprising incident was captured on a GoPro camera off the coast of Kaikoura, on New Zealand’s South Island.
Kyle Mulinder was paddling when the seal burst out of the water, launched into the air and whipped the octopus directly into his face.
The seal was trying to stun the octopus and mistook Mr Mulinder for a rock, according to scientists from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand.
The group of content creators were out testing a new GoPro model off the coast of the South Island when Kyle Mulinder was caught up in a battle between a seal and octopus
‘Seals will often try and get their prey out of the water and above the surface to gain the upper hand in a tussle,’ NIWA posted on Facebook. ‘Once out of the water they will try flinging them about to stun them.
‘At that point it is normal for a seal to try to fling the octopus against a hard object to tear the octopus apart. So to the seal, the kayaker seemed like a reasonable enough object.’ Mr Muliner said he was sitting in the middle of the ocean when the seal suddenly emerged.
‘I was like ”Mate, what just happened?”’ he said.
Source: Daily Mail; “Seal Slaps a Kayaker In The Face With a Gigantic Octopus” By Ben Hill and Wade Sellers For Daily Mail Australia

Paul McCartney Said He And John Lennon Masturbated Together With Friends

“Yeah, it’s quite raunchy when you think about it,” the Beatles singer told GQ.

Cardi B declares war with Nicki Minaj after NYFW brawl


The war between rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj is raging on after the two got into a public fight at a New York Fashion Week party where the Bodak Yellow singer threw her shoe at her rival.

After the heated brawl Cardi B took to Instagram to share an emotional note saying ‘I’ve let a lot of s**t slide!’ revealing Nicki made comments on her baby girl and criticized her abilities as a mother.

But Nicki seemed unbothered as she posted a glamorous shot from the night on Instagram posing with La La Anthony and Kelly Rowland with the caption ‘#NYFW’.

The two were caught on video going head to head at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on Friday evening where Cardi B was escorted out barefoot sporting a golf ball-sized bump on her forehead.

After the party Nicki posed for cameras, making sure to flaunt her heels and show that she was leaving the party with her shoes still on.

Source: DailyMail; Cardi B declares war with Nicki Minaj after NYFW brawl by Marlene Lenthang
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Miami High School Faces Backlash For Bringing Tiger To Prom

A Miami high school is catching some heat after its jungle-themed prom decorations included a live caged tiger.

Christopher Columbus High School, a private Catholic school for boys, held its prom on Friday. By Sunday, video of the tiger pacing in a small cage began to surface online.

Castellanos’ video show the tiger frantically walking the perimeter of its cage on the dance floor while stunned teens look on. Another video she posted shows the animal again pacing in its cage while a performer dances with fire to loud music. A third video during the fire performance shows the tiger lying in its cage.

The tiger wasn’t the only animal at the prom.

The entertainment company hired by the school also brought a lemur, a parrot and a fox, according to NBC News affiliate channel 6, which students were able to pose with for pictures.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also expressed outrage at the tiger’s presence at the prom. In an email, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said it is looking into the tiger’s presence at the prom.

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Texas Man Sentenced to 50 Years In Prison For Stealing $1.2 Million Worth Of Fajitas

A Texas man who plead guilty to stealing more than $1.2 million in fajitas while acting as a public servant has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. Gilberto Escamilla, 53, was employed at the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito, Texas, until August 2017 — when it was discovered that he had been placing orders for fajitas using county funds according to Cameron Court fillings. 

When sentenced on Friday, Escamilla was also served with the maximum fine of $10,000 on top of the $1,251,578.72 he was ordered to pay back for the cost of the fajitas, officials said.

According to The Brownsville Herald, Escamilla’s scheme unraveled last August after a delivery driver with Labatt Food Service phoned the detention center to give kitchen employees a heads up that an 800-pound delivery of fajitas had arrived.

After being fired and arrested, Escamilla’s house was searched by police, who found packages of the fajitas in his refrigerator. Because Escamilla stole more than $200,000 worth of goods, Texas law considers the crime to be a first degree felony and allows for a sentencing of up to 99 years in prison. It also allows for a more severe punishment if the defendant commits a crime while acting as a public servant.

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Grandpa trying to film proposal films own reaction

A grandfather who was asked to record a marriage proposal in New Mexico ended up accidentally recording video of his own reaction instead. Jayce Flauding was visiting Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque with his grandpa, John Hart, when a fellow tourist asked Flauding to record his marriage proposal. Flauding said he handed the man’s iPhone to Hart, and it was only after the proposal that everyone discovered Hart was holding the phone backward. Hart said he was honored to be asked to record the video.

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Meet The ‘Normal Taxpaying Citizens’ With Pony Fetishes Who Showjump Dressed Like Horses

People are into all kinds of fetishes. This one, however, is all kinds of weird.

A team of “normal taxpaying citizens” spend their weekends horsing around in full pony fetish wear and competing for prizes.

Donning everything from mouth gags and face masks to latex, leather, fishnets, whips and chains, the ‘Ponies on the Delta’ club compete in show-jumping events dressed in head to toe horse gear.

Though this group of individuals in New Orleans, Louisiana, claim to be ‘vanilla’ between Monday and Friday, on the weekends they love strapping on their stirrups and saddling up for two days of pony play.

The group, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US, meets twice a year to live out their equine fantasy as they compete in several disciplines to crown the top nag.

Navigating their way through obstacle courses, show jumping and even a pony tug-of-war, some of the more mischievous mares carry their masters in a cart, physically whipping them into shape as they traverse around the course.

Speaking to The Wizard of Odd TV during their first meet-up of the year, Joey Warhorse, Pony Whinn, and equestrian-loving couple Rayne Storm and Eve Smith outline what makes their secret subculture so enjoyable.

“These events are very competitive – much like how a regular horse show would be,” said Joey Warhorse.

“We end up with crashes, records broken and plenty of slips as people attempt the jumps – the competition gets pretty crazy sometimes.

“Our outfits that we make are based off of bio horse equipment or made from horse equipment that’s been rearranged to fit humans.

“It can get pretty costly, so people are very proud of the outfits they put together.”

Misbehaving mare Pony Whinn, who enjoys deviating from the course, said: “When I’m in pony play, I’m pretty free and wild.

“I enjoy kicking the cart and giving my rider a really hard time, so they have to try and get us to obey.

“I’m free, I run around, I gallop, I jump, I nuzzle – and I get the head-scratches.”

Eve Smith added: “Once they [competitors] put gear on, the actually turn into horses.

“When I put the bit in his [Rayne’s] mouth, it’s like a ritual between us – he needs that transition to get into the right headspace.

“I can feel through the bit when he actually changes from a human headspace to a horse’s.

“We’re very normal, vanilla, upright taxpaying citizens Monday through Friday, so to get to go out and pretend to be something else for the weekend is so much fun.

“It’s about expressing your inner personality.

“When you get the chance to come out here and enjoy what you’re doing, while being around others doing the same thing, it gives you freedom to be weird.”

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