Bus Driver Put on Leave After Letting Monkey Take The Wheel

An animal-loving bus driver in India has been put on leave after he was caught red-handed engaging in monkey business.

Video showed a simian sitting atop the steering wheel for a few minutes, appearing to take control as driver Prakash changed gears. The Times of India reported Saturday that Indian transportation officials have removed Prakash from duty and asked for an inquiry into his conduct.

“He is an animal-lover, but he should not have allowed this while driving a bus,” an official said.

The monkey came onto the bus with a passenger. No one appeared to be injured, and no one complained about the animal, according to The Times of India.

Source: NY Post; Bus driver put on leave after letting monkey take the wheel By Anthony Izaguirre


The Moment a Man Performing the Kiki Challenge is Slapped to the Ground by a Passer-By

This is the shocking moment a brazen pedestrian slaps a man to the ground for doing the ‘Kiki challenge’.

The man wearing a flat cap seemed annoyed that the other man was attempting the dangerous challenge.

The passer-by screamed, in an American accent, ‘No! No! No!’ at the camera holder after felling the man dancing to rap-star Drake’s hit ‘In My Feelings’.

The Kiki craze has been heavily condemned by road safety charities and authorities as thousands of impressionable youngsters have copied celebrities by jumping out of a moving vehicles and dancing in the road.

Source: Daily Mail; “The Moment a Man Performing the Kiki Challenge is Slapped to the Ground by a Passer-By” by: Leigh McManus


Seal Slaps a Kayaker In The Face With a Gigantic Octopus

An unruly seal which shocked a kayaker by throwing an octopus in his face was trying to stun its prey before eating it, scientists have revealed.
The surprising incident was captured on a GoPro camera off the coast of Kaikoura, on New Zealand’s South Island.
Kyle Mulinder was paddling when the seal burst out of the water, launched into the air and whipped the octopus directly into his face.
The seal was trying to stun the octopus and mistook Mr Mulinder for a rock, according to scientists from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand.
The group of content creators were out testing a new GoPro model off the coast of the South Island when Kyle Mulinder was caught up in a battle between a seal and octopus
‘Seals will often try and get their prey out of the water and above the surface to gain the upper hand in a tussle,’ NIWA posted on Facebook. ‘Once out of the water they will try flinging them about to stun them.
‘At that point it is normal for a seal to try to fling the octopus against a hard object to tear the octopus apart. So to the seal, the kayaker seemed like a reasonable enough object.’ Mr Muliner said he was sitting in the middle of the ocean when the seal suddenly emerged.
‘I was like ”Mate, what just happened?”’ he said.
Source: Daily Mail; “Seal Slaps a Kayaker In The Face With a Gigantic Octopus” By Ben Hill and Wade Sellers For Daily Mail Australia

Que Estamos Viendo (9.14.2018)

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Woman gives birth in the passenger seat of a MOVING car

A mother gave birth to her fifth child in the passenger seat of a moving car – in front of her kids, who watched on in shock as she delivered the baby with her bare hands while screaming in pain. In shocking video footage of the birth, Alexis Swinney, 25, is seen kneeling on the passenger seat of the car facing the rear window as her husband Dominique drives the family to a hospital in Texas, all while filming his wife.

‘Can you wait, like, two minutes?’ he asks the mother-of-five, who is seen crouching on the seat naked from the waist down, while writhing in pain and begging her husband to help her.

‘What do I do?’ she asks between screams, making it clear that the couple’s baby is on the way whether they like it or not.

As Dominique urges her to hold on, Alexis shares her fears for the baby’s health during the unconventional delivery.

‘I don’t know if she can breathe,’ she says while reaching her hands in between her legs. ‘I don’t know what is happening.’

Just a few seconds after asking her husband to pull over, a groaning Alexis then gives a final push and delivers her crying daughter.

Alexis can be seen pulling out her baby girl before cradling her in her arms, the child’s umbilical cord still visibly attached to her mother. Still breathing heavily, Alexis smiles with relief as her child lets out a wail.

Source: Dailymail; Woman gives birth in the passenger seat of a MOVING car by Erica Tempesta

Que Estamos Viendo (8.31.2018)

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Pilot jumps off plane and performs Kiki dance challenge

This is the amusing moment a pilot decided to take a break from her flight duties and take part in the Kiki dance challenge.

Joined by her flight attendant, pilot Alejandra Manriquez is seen pushing one of the levers in the cop pit before walking down the plane’s steps.

The duo are then seen raising their arms in the air and bopping alongside the plane as it gently eases forward.

On aviation website 152 Aviation Alejandra writes: ‘Aviation is a beautiful, but very demanding career that you must love in order to be able to successfully pursue it with enough passion, overcoming all the obstacles that are going to be in your way.

‘Because that is a fact, there is no easy way to something worth achieving! But now I thank life for every rock along my way because they prepared me to be the strongest version of myself.

‘I needed these to become a better person and a professional pilot.’

Alejandra’s Kiki dance has now gathered more than 25,000 views on Twitter.

However this is not the first time a dance trend has gone viral this year.

At the beginning of this year, Russell Horning, also known as The Backpack Kid, stole the show on Saturday Night Live when he performed his iconic moves to Katy Perry’s song Swish Swish.

Dubbed the floss dance the moves became an instant hit, with people across the world posting their attempts on social media.