Cops find cars packed with stolen fruit after chase

It’s the second biggest OJ car chase of all time.

Police in Spain, pulled over a pair of suspicious vehicles, only to find they were stuffed with four tons of stolen oranges, according to new reports.

And the juice was once again loose — the fruit wasn’t in boxes or bags, so the pilfered produce came tumbling out when cops opened the doors,photos of the bizarre bust show.

Police in Seville first gave chase after noticing the vehicles were being driven erratically and very close together, according to Europa Press.

Inside one car, they found a couple and their adult son, and two brothers in the second. Also, a whole lot of oranges.

Police later found a third truck — filled with more oranges, according to the report.

The drivers claimed they’d just found the oranges on the ground, but police later learned they’d been stolen from a ship a few hours earlier.


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