Cough syrup flavored Kit Kats exist in Japan

A spoonful of chocolate helps the medicine go down.

There’s a new flavor Kit Kat in Japan: Nodo Ame Aji, which translates to Kit Kat Cough Drop Flavor. Nestle Japan introduced the cough syrup-flavored sweet on Monday.

Each serving of the white chocolate wafer bars contains 2.1% throat lozenge powder, which the product page claims will help Japanese sports fans cheer loudly during soccer games.

The odd flavor was designed for fans of the Japanese national soccer team, who will be playing the 2018 World Cup qualifying rounds against Australia and Saudi Arabia on Aug. 31 and Sept. 5. The limited edition candy bar will be available only in Japan until Sept 10.

The product was made by Nestle in collaboration with TV Asahi, a Japanese television network which airs the FIFA World Cup. Former Japanese soccer player and current commentator Yasutaro Matsuki appears on the packaging of the chocolate bar. Matsuki also did promotional spots for the candy flavor.

The cough medicine Kit Kat is far from the only strange variety the brand has had in Japan. The country has also featured flavors like Soy Sauce, Sweet Potato and Cherry Blossom.

Credit: NY Daily News 

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