Drug suspect tells cop his new scooter came packed with meth, coke

A Florida man arrested while driving a scooter packed with meth and coke claimed the drugs were left behind by the vehicle’s previous owner, telling a deputy he “didn’t know what to do with them,” authorities said.

Jesus Giovanni Ginjauma, 21, was stopped in Key Largo Community Park on Sunday while driving a green Yamaha scooter that had a license plate obscured by spray paint, according to an arrest report obtained by the Miami Herald.

Ginjauma told the deputy he didn’t have a license, claiming he paid necessary fines to have it restored but found the Department of Motor Vehicles office closed when he tried to submit the paperwork. The deputy later found out that Ginjauma’s license had been suspended four times this year.

The deputy then asked Ginjauma if he had anything illegal in his possession, prompting him to admit having six bags of cocaine and another bag of meth. The drugs had been in the scooter when Ginjauma bought it from a man in Plantation Key, he claimed, and told the deputy there was more under the seat.

“Jesus told me that he had bought the scooter from [the man] the day before and that he had found the drugs in the scooter and didn’t know what to do with them,” Deputy Benjamin Elmore wrote. “Jesus told me that [the previous owner] had left town the day before.”

The deputy then found an unlabeled, 16-ounce bottle of promethazine hydrochloride, a prescription sedative, inside the scooter’s seat compartment. He also found a digital scale, clear baggies and a cardboard pipe with marijuana residue. A backup deputy later found a second bag of cocaine hidden in the scooter’s gas cap door, according to a sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

Ginjauma is being held on $49,000 bail on charges of possession with intent to sell cocaine, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug equipment and driving with a suspended license.

Credit: NY Post

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