Family ‘chokes,’ shaves grandma over Steelers radio volume

A 77-year-old granny was beaten up by her family for turning up the volume on her radio to listen to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, Pennsylvania authorities said.

The victim’s daughter and granddaughter — Delores M. Amorino, 40, and her daughter, Sarah M. Amorino, 17 — were charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, strangulation, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief, the Tribune-Review newspaper reported.

In addition to beating the grandmother, the duo also allegedly shaved her head.

The victim is hard of hearing and wanted the volume on the family’s TV turned higher Sunday for the Steelers’ match-up against the Atlanta Falcons, police said.

“The victim was unhappy with the volume of the TV after the defendants turned the volume low, so the victim locked herself in the bedroom and turned on her radio,” State Trooper Ty Smith wrote in an affidavit.

“The defendants broke the door jam, entered the victim’s room saying, ‘You don’t need to listen to the game,’ and began abusing her.”

Credit: NY Post

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