Father Indicted for Accidentally Poisoning Baby Daughter to Death

A father in Taiwan was charged with manslaughter after unintentionally poisoning his two-month-old daughter to death.

The man surnamed Chen grinded a couple of sleeping pills and mixed it into his baby’s formula in July last year because he couldn’t stop her from crying. The Shihlin District Prosecutors Office said that Chen legally obtained the sleeping pills for him from his doctor, although for a different condition

The sleeping pills contained FM2 or Flunitrazepam, a drug with strong hypnotic effect and is considered a rape drug in the world.

Chen found his baby daughter rigid and unresponsive and rushed her to the hospital, but she was already dead. Police found traces of FM2 in his two-year-old son’s bloodstream.

Prosecutors said that Chen regretted everything and was not aware that the pills can cause his child’s death. The investigation is still underway.

Credit: China Topix

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