Filipino American Sisters Calls Police

Police officers were called after the feelings of two sisters were hurt when their neighbor referred to them as Chinese.

The Filipino family, who lives in El Monte, California, called police after they felt “discriminated against” when their neighbor referred to them as Chinese.

Alexis and Rose Anne Yu said that they walk their two dogs every night. They usually take their dogs up and down their block a few times or around their neighborhood.

One night while walking the dogs, the sisters saw a neighbor, who lives a few houses away from them, put up a sign on his fence.

When they read the sign, they were shocked as it referred to them as Chinese. The sign read: “Chinese, keep your dogs off my grass.” In the upper right-hand corner of the sign read: “Respect your neighbors.”

Alexis said that she took out her cellphone and took a photo of the offensive sign. She then immediately sent an email with the “evidence” to police.

Officers who came to the scene, mediated between the neighbors and the sign was removed.

Native American William Alarcon, who posted the warning sign, said that he was not being racist with the message. Alarcon explained that he just wanted to address the two sisters who repeatedly left dog poop on his property.

According to Alarcon, another neighbor who is also Asian, is having the same problem with the sisters, as they allowed their dogs to poop on his property and they did not pick up after their dogs.

Credit: WorldWide Weird News

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