Foul-smelling black sludge horrifies Niagara Falls visitors

Don’t go chasing this waterfall.

Niagara Falls turned into the black lagoon on the weekend when a water treatment plant flooded the river with foul-smelling, sludgy sewage that horrified visitors at the height of the tourist season.

“It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie,” local helicopter operator Pat Proctor told the Buffalo News.

sureTour boat operator Maid of the Mist first pointed out the putrid plume on Saturday, as it engulfed the dock where the sightseeing trips take off and continued to expand through the weekend.

“Why the smelly black discharge into Niagara River on very busy tourist weekend?” the company tweeted at the New York State Park account.

Local officials said they were equally baffled by the stinky, inky goop.

“We were caught off guard. We had to do some digging ourselves to find out what was going on. And we are very upset that we weren’t notified,” city administrator Nick Melson told the News.

The Niagara Falls water board eventually explained that the plant had to flush out some of its filtration basins ahead of imminent maintenance and that the smell was just “normal sewer water discharge smell.”

“We apologize for causing alarm to residents, tourists and others,” the board said in a statement.

Credit: NY Post

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