Furious BMW driver kills car wash worker with a SINGLE PUNCH because the man was too slow to clean his car when he arrived at 3.30am

This is the horrific moment a BMW driver kills a car wash worker who balked at cleaning his vehicle in the middle of the night.

The furious Russian motorist was caught on CCTV throwing punches at two sleepy employees who did not react fast enough when he arrived at 3.30am.

One of the men fell over on his back and crashed his head on the floor in Stupino, near Moscow.

 Shocking moment car wash worker punched to death by BMW driver
The BMW driver can be seen walking away after he punched two car wash workers to the floor, with one of them later dying of a head injury

The 39-year-old immigrant worker was rushed to hospital in a coma but died soon afterwards from serious head injuries, said police.

The second man was injured but his life was not in danger from the attack at the all-night car wash.

The bearded road rage attacker was not named but was quickly detained after the fatal attack.

 The brutal attack, which happened at around 3.30am, came after the BMW driver was angered by the slow response of the car wash workers

What the BMW driver told police when questioned

Policeman – Have you been convicted before?

Man – Yes

Policeman – Which articles of Criminal Code?

Man – 158, part 2 (burglary in a group, stealing valuables)

Policeman – What have you just done?

Man – I hit a man.

Policeman – What happened to the man?

Man – Died.

He confessed to the crime in a video released by police.

If convicted, he faces eight years in jail for causing death by inflicting serious head injuries.

In the video, a police quizzed the detained man, who said he had been jailed previously for burglary.

The policeman asked the man if he had been convicted before and the man replied that he had.

When pressed on what he was previously convicted for, the man said it was for committing a burglary as a group and stealing valuables.

The officer then asked him to explain what had just happened.

The man said the he ‘hit a man’.

 Then, when the officer asked what had happened to the man he had hit, the BMW driver said he ‘died’.


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