Gang members busted for crimes they rapped about

Nine members of Brownsville’s Loot Gang – who sang and danced about their violent crimes on social media and used Facebook messenger to plan their heists – were charged Tuesday with crimes ranging from conspiracy to commit murder to weapons possession, authorities said.

The vicious but hare-brained Brooklyn criminals ages 15 to 25 were responsible for seven shootings, including one Aug. 12 in Bushwick where an innocent college student – Terrell Henry, 23 – was hunted down and killed for daring to walk along a street where rival gang members were known to gather, officials said.

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said the gang members also were responsible for a series of “senseless shootings in certain pockets of Brooklyn” between November 2015 and August 2016 in which 14 people were injured or killed.

Gonzalez said the gang members were all pals who lived in the Ocean Hill Houses in the 73rd Precinct.

The “Loot Gang” targeted mainly rival gangs, including True Bosses Only.

At least one shooting, Nov. 27, 2015, was in retaliation for the gun death of “Loot Gang” buddy Armani “Rocky” Hankins in Fort Green a month earlier.

The Loot Gang then released a rap music video called “Rockyworld” on YouTube about the retaliation.

The video which shows a bunch of young men in hoodies jumping around and using their fingers as guns, is still up on the social media channel has gotten almost a half a million views.

Credit: NY Post 

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