Golden retriever holds a glass perfectly steadily on his nose

This golden retriever shows dogs really are man’s best friend as he holds a glass perfectly still on his nose as his owner pours a beer.

The patient pooch doesn’t move a muscle while his owner Kristen Sillay places an almost-empty cup on his nose and friend Meredith Richmond films.

Beer is then poured slowly and carefully from a pitcher until the glass is half-filled and everyone congratulates RiverĀ on the incredible balancing feat.

The dog loves to balance items on his head and has managed everything from pizza to sunglasses and Jenga pieces.

The clip, which has now gone viral, was filmed at Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte in the US state of North Carolina.

Meredith said: ‘River really is a special dog and loves the attention from balancing items.

‘People started to gather around because they were amazed by his skill and he loves meeting new people.’

Kristen and her husband Chris adopted River when he was a puppy and quickly developed an incredible bond through his calm demeanor.

Meredith said: ‘River’s unwavering trust in Kristen has allowed her to teach him his balancing skills.

‘Whenever she places something on his head, he immediately goes into ‘presentation mode’ and goes still, waiting patiently for her command to relax.

‘River loves to balance items on his head. We have balanced, pizza, plants, beers, sunglasses, and Jenga pieces on his head.

‘He once had 18 bones stacked on his head but we never leave anything on him for more than one minute.’

Credit: Daily Mail

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