Governor’s wife discovered his affair on iCloud account

The wife of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley realized he was having an affair with his married chief adviser when she saw romantic messages on his state-issued iPad, which the clueless politician didn’t know was paired with his iCloud messaging account, according to a blockbuster report.

“I’m so in love with you,” Bentley wrote in one love-sick text, along with two heart-eye emojis. “We are pitiful.”

Dianne Bentley – who has since divorced the 74-year-old grandfather from Tuscaloosa — showed the iPad to her family to confirm suspicions of the illicit affair.

Details from the 3,000-page report, compiled by Jack Sharman, the attorney for the House committee investigating Bentley, were expected to be used in Bentley’s impeachment hearings.

The salacious report also revealed that Dianne received text messages on her phone – sent mistakenly by Bentley – in which the governor professed his love for aide Rebekah Mason, who he routinely called “baby” in official meetings.

A 130-page summary of the report, released Saturday, paints Bentley as possibly suffering from dementia.

Credit: NY Post

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