Grandmother gets the shock of her life while being chased by dinosaurs in a virtual reality headset

She was hoping to spend the afternoon in her favorite, comfy chair, but one grandmother from Portadown, Northern Ireland was given quite the adventure as she sat in her own living room. Anxious to see their grandma trying out some new technology for the first time, her grandchildren gathered as they gave the woman a virtual reality headset and prepared to transport her to another world: Jurassic Park.

Whether it was virtual or reality, it didn’t matter to the older lady, for it all seemed a bit too much for her, as she suddenly began to cower and scream with fear. Hilarious grandmother freaks out using a virtual reality headset

This grandma got the shock of her life in the comfort of her own living room as dinosaurs appeared to chase her At first, everything seemed peaceful as the grandma looked into the headset and began to take in her surroundings.

But then things quickly changed with what one can only assume must have been a dinosaur coming straight for her! ‘Oooooooh!’ she exclaims as she begins to curl up on the chair. ‘Aaaaargh!’ she shouts, clearly out of her comfort zone.  Within seconds she is screaming with fear as no doubt her worst nightmares came true.



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