High-ranking air force officer traded secret documents with Pakistani spies for nude photos of women

A high-ranking air force officer in India was arrested after officials discovered that he was trading sensitive information in exchange for nude photos of women.

Police believe that Indian Air Force Group Captain 51-year-old Arun Marwaha was lured into a “honey trap” by spies who worked as agents for Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence).

According to authorities in Delhi, Marwaha was contacted via Facebook by two Pakistani spies who sent him friends requests and pretended to be models named Kiran Randhwa and Mahima Patel.

The women gained Marwaha’s trust by sending him explicit chats, videos, and intimate photos of themselves over Facebook and WhatsApp.

The women who used proxy servers and other tactics to hide their locations, offered to send more nude photos in exchange of classified documents.

A senior Air Force officer discovered the massive breach a few weeks ago and an internal investigation was set up.

Police said that they did not find any trace of money being exchanged for the sensitive documents. As of now, it appears that Marwaha only received the nude photos and videos in exchange for the information.

Marwaha, who was set to retire next year, was arrested and he is now facing 14 years in prison.


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