Hilarious moment dad freaks out his son with Tesla’s autopilot

Look, no hands: Hilarious moment dad freaks out his son with Tesla’s autopilot

There are plenty of wonderful uses for autopilot technology, but leave it to a dad to figure out the best one is pranking his son – and putting a video of his terrified kid up on the internet. The autopilot software on Tesla’s Model S includes the ability to ‘summon’ the unmanned car, at which point it will slowly drive up to the owner, opening up garage doors if it has to. 

So of course, one dad has used that as an excuse to terrify his son, and upload the footage to YouTube, the NY Post reported. 


In trouble: The boy seems to be more worried about what his parents will say than any danger, taking off his seatbelt so he can twist around to look for them Hilarious moment dad freaks out son with Tesla’s autopilot

The video, shot using a GoPro camera positioned near the steering wheel of the car, shows the owner’s son engrossed in his cell phone when the car’s engine starts up.

‘What’s going on?’ the boy asks as the steering wheel begins to twitch, but his curiosity soon turns to worry as the car slowly begins to pull forwards.

‘Oh, no, no, no!’ he says, hitting the dash as the car crawls out of the garage.

The boy calls for his dad as his panic starts to rise – but dad’s not there.

‘The car’s moving!’ he shouts, taking off his seatbelt to twist around and look for his parents.

‘Dad’s gonna kill me,’ the boy says as the car stops – but as the elder prankster appears at the driver side door with a smug grin and cackle, it looks for a second like the boy will be killing him. With a sigh of relief and a brief smile, the boy returns to tapping on his phone.

‘You’re such a jerk,’ he grouses, probably wishing he could autopilot the car away to another family. 

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