Hilarious video shows dancing cat nodding along in synch to rapper Drake’s chart-hit Hotline Bling

This hilarious video shows a cat dancing along to a chart-topping song.

Stretched out on a bed next to its owner, the animal is seen bobbing its head in time to the beat of R&B hit Hotline Bling, by Canadian rapper Drake.

And the cat manages to keep up for the whole song – even when the rhythm changes.

Guy films flatmate’s epic dance to Drake’s Hotline Bling

In the 50-second video the pet’s owner, named on Vimeo as Mike Lavin, lies behind the cat looking into the camera.

After he presses play, both him and the cat pause for a minute before the beat of the song kicks in.

As soon as it does, Mike and his cat begin bobbing their heads perfectly in time with the music.

Mike also half-closes his eyes to mirror the look on his pet’s face.

The video has become an internet sensation since it was posted to Vimeo by user Andy C.

The clip is the latest in a string of memes, .gifs and videos inspired by the single, which reached No 3 in the UK charts after its release last month.

Fuente: dailymail.co.uk

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