Ikea Japan unleashes all black ‘Ninja Dog’ hot dog

black-hogdogIkea might be even more famous for its meatballs than its flat-pack, assemble-it-yourself furniture, but now there’s a new menu item that threatens to unseat all the others because it looks like something from outer space. 

Ikea Japan has just unveiled a new “ninja” hot dog– a hot dog that’s entirely black, from sausage to bun. According to Rocket News 24, Ikea Japan’s new hot dog is meant to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in Japan.

It’s called the “ninja dog” because it looks just like a regular, long Ikea hot dog, but it’s a shockingly dark hue. 

The hog dog and its bun have both been turned pitch black with edible bamboo charcoal. The mustard and ketchup, however, are still red and yellow– because black condiments would just be too crazy.

Fuente: foxnews.com

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