Kiss Me Motel in Colombia Has an Igloo, China, Safari, and Alien Room

This is what one of the world’s bizarre ‘love motels’ looks like – complete with beds inside igloos, Asian pagodas and even spaceships. 

The Residencias Kiss Me in Cali, Colombia is one of the many not-so secret escapes that have gained popularity in South American and Asia.

One of the biggest draw-cards for fans of the love motels is that couple’s can be charged for rooms by the hour. 

Most of the rooms at the Residencias Kiss Me – also known as Kiss Me Motel – are themed and often have elaborate statues and props inside, including massage tables and spa baths. Others are more simplistic with just a bed.

Guests can also order room service, which can include anything from food and drinks to toys.  

Italian photographer Francesco Giusti stumbled across the motel by accident when he spotted the large ancient Greek statue of Venus de Milo situated out the front.

He was immediately fascinated by the world of love motels and started documenting the eclectic rooms.

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