Landing plane nearly crashes into jet at JFK Airport

A plane landing at JFK airport almost collided with a jet getting ready for takeoff, authorities said on Wednesday.

Mexican-based airliner Volaris flight 880 was coming in for a landing Tuesday afternoon and mistakenly headed for a runway Delta Flight 4231 was about to take off from.

“Volaris 880, you’re lined up on the wrong runway,” an air traffic controller said, according to NBC 4.

“Brickyard 4231 cancel take off plans… cancel take off plans,” they warned the Delta plane.

The plane re-entered the flight traffic pattern and ended up landing safely in the correct runway without incident, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority, and in accordance with our procedures Volaris will conduct an investigation to determine the factors that led to this event,” Volaris said in a statement.

The Delta plane already rolling down the runway halted its takeoff and later landed safely at Washington Reagan National airport.

It was unclear how close the planes were to each other.

Credit: NY Post

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